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Design and manufacture of electro-mechanical solutions for testing, research and prototype systems.

We use advanced CAD to design in 3D along with associated analysis packages for stress and flow. We are equally pleased to work on single part design, and tooling.

Pump control console for a valve and flowmeter test and calibration rig

The facility had a mounting bed plate and associated tanks and pipework as part of the project.

Vacuum forming tool for sterile medical packaging

The two part tool incorporated heating elements, temperature sensors and vacuum connections. We also provided the temperature and vacuum control as part of an automated system.

Design and manufacture of a winding machine bobbin to support a transformer coil core during winding

Pyrometer with etched and silvered dial

Case nickel plated brass to match steam car pressure gauges.

Sensor is a type K thermocouple probe and the meter requires a 12v DC supply.

We can refurbish and silver dials for clocks and other instruments.

Reproduction grease cup for vintage vehicles

Design, detailed master for investment casting and batch procurement. On such a project we can supply as the raw castings through to a fully machined product.

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