Flow in Open Channels


Flow Channels

Tilting, glass sides, stainless floor.
Wetted sections from 200 to 500mm wide and upto 900mm high.
Lengths in 2,5m increments upto 15metres with sluice gate, submerged and broad crested weirs, hook-point gauges, venturi liners, tail weir with weir plate set, bed pressure tappings, multitube manometer, instrument rails. Pump, flow control, digital flowmeter.
Channels are available with:-
Crump and ogee weirs
Dam spillways with interchangeable toes
Parshall and WSC flumes
Cylindrical and Radial gates
Bridge pier set
Wave generator and absorbing beaches
Rough bottom sections
Additional manometers
Pitot tubes
Current meter
Instrument and model carriages
Towing trolley

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